Monday, April 14, 2014

Let It Shine!

We had a great time celebrating Tinley's 4th birthday! We want to shine for Jesus!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Project Runway (Team Bullis)

We had a fun time participating in the Dillards Spring Fashion Show today. My favorite part (besides the discounted clothes) ..was that these two chose to be partners. I love that they feel a little more confident with each other by their side. Hopefully they will remember that! 

Monday, April 7, 2014

April (AKA- The birthday month)

There are lots of birthdays to be celebrating around here in April...and one little girl has been counting down for a LONG time. Meanwhile we are busy celebrating lots of others. 

As if we didn't have enough of our own, both kids had a party for someone in their class...Tinley a gymnastics party...

And Parker at the Equestrian center.

And for our third birthday party in one day- it was Ganny's turn!

 A really wild party involving coloring books!

We have two more birthdays coming up in the next week- we might as well keep celebrating!

Here are some other pictures from our last week.
The speed demon on her bike!

The lego master...

Tinley loves babies...she is happy to get to take care of Braylon everyday!

Our Terrific Kid! 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

#chicksdigus #hanginwithmypeeps #crackmeup #lotsoffunnythingstosayaboutchickens

We had a fun visit with some chicks and friends to try to get a few cute pictures. Here are some of the good ones...and some of the out takes. We enjoyed our experience although... Parker is not too sure about going to Chick Fil A right now...I'm sure he'll move on! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Picture Release

It's so hard for me to delete pictures off my phone- perhaps why I have 1,596 at this current moment. But it's because there are some pictures that don't seem like major life events...but what if I want to remember today I'm releasing some recent moments.  I never did get around to letting these pictures go yesterday because my hard working hubby took over the computer all day. 
Random pictures in random order- you are released...

 Another tooth bites the dust...

 My St. Patrick boy with his fancy green shirt and tie.

Clearly, she takes after her uncle.

 First day of Spring...suns in our eyes Mom, just let us play!

Found Tinley reading her chapter book and for real she can talk through the whole thing.

Seems we're always surrounded by girls and Parker is the lone boy. He is wising up on to how to play with them. The 3 girls were busy being Princesses so he yelled up, "Rapunzel your prince has come to save you!"

Apparently Tinley learned at school that it was indeed Spring. When I picked her up last week, she got in the car and said "it's Spring- I'm putting on shorts when I get home." She tried some of her bigger size hand me down shorts and they fell straight to her ankles when she ran. Here she is holding them up but still delighted with her shorts (and boots)!

Sometimes (a lot of the time) Tinley finds things she needs (wants) while shopping. We compromise by letting her take pictures of them. Here are some recent things on my phone. Pink and sparkles and pink and sparkles.

Parker is in a Sacraments class at church...and Tinley is taking a soccer class at school. She told someone last week, she was taking "Soccerments" Class.

 Now only 1,583 to go- baby steps:)