Sunday, April 26, 2015

Busy little Bullis'

Finally it was time for Beginner's Night for Tinley! She has been excited to come to school with me for a while (not sure it will be as exciting once she does it everyday next year.) She was ready to go!

And she tooty tad with the best of them. It was fun to do our first together activity in Kindergarten.

Every once in a while they have a moment where they want to do the exact same thing at the exact same moment...Parker reading Tinley The Giving Tree.

Forgot the stroller and the baby bjorn...we thought he looked pretty funny in there.

Parker's project set up. His book report...

 And his dream house he designed. Complete with laser tag and video game room.

His best buds.

Bowling time...

He's still growing!

Monday, April 20, 2015


Parker was excited to win some tickets from the Great Clips raffle to the Knights game and get a chance to announce "play ball" before the game. He did a great job and will probably continue to enter every raffle he sees.

 Saturday was the only game all season that Tinley and Parker had at exactly the same time...more pics of Parker to come as I was on Tinley duty since I'm of no help with the big boys. She was a muddy mess but had a great time, managed to field a few balls and kept her helmet on her head while she ran...they just don't make these things "Tinley sized."

After a quick change in the car, we headed to church for our Women's Brunch. It is always so nice to be with the other awesome ladies (and girls) with some special worship and devotion.

 We snuck Camden in and no on seemed to mind. He's kind of popular with the ladies.


See what I mean?

A busy day for Tinley....right into a birthday party. I loved this picture of her playing ski ball...It was one of my favorite games as a little girl and she was having so much fun.

 Parker and I were supposed to have a mother/son event from school but we got rained out. Instead we went to the family fun day at the Mint Museum. Always have a good time on my dates with him.

My silly boy!

Our baby just keeps getting bigger and so do his smiles...It's hard to catch them on camera but here's a close one.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

A party fit for a princess

When looking for a party to have this year, Tinley heard of this one and never changed her mind in the slightest.

Hair, make up and nails- Yes please!

It took lots of preparation- costuming, hair doing, nail painting, walking the red carpet practice...but at last the princesses were ready!

Lots of adoring fans...

Parker took this opportunity to practice his coolness and escort the ladies.

Loved seeing these sweet girls (and boy) have a good time together.

Awwww... this is the I could do no wrong face.

The farewell wave.

 Had to do it!

Happy birthday party day! Five years of fun with my very own princess!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring Break

 Happy Easter!

 This is what happens when you leave your phone and your baby with the youth group for a few minutes!

Beach! Crazy children in the water.

We've upgraded our treasure hunts with Parker....we used to just bury something in the he;s on his own for real treasure.


 Why yes, we did dig a hole so we'd have a good place to put the baby.

Off to see the knights and princesses again!

Boat time.

Captain Grandpa

Mirror maze is freaky!

 Half dimple smile

Sweet friends

 Selfie stick on the beach

 Good stuff

Trying to catch a crab...


Thanks for taking care of us Grandpa and Grandma

Back home in time to celebrate Daddy's birthday...

Now off to celebrate another!