Sunday, November 23, 2014

Starting to get festive

 It's hard to believe that this is the last Thanksgiving performance for Tinley at preschool. I'm going to miss these! 

She has been a pumpkin, a turkey, and now a Pilgrim. Obviously she adds a little flare to the Pilgrim outfit but she did her part well.

Many adoring fans of course.

So thankful for her preschool,her teachers,  her friends she's made, and how they teach her about Jesus. Definitely put us in the Thanksgiving spirit.

And of course we are getting in the mood for the holiday season with some iceskating...or fake iceskating on plastic. Oh well still sets the mood!

Parker was not especially excited that I made him take a picture with Olaf...but since Tinley wasn't there I couldn't miss this opportunity to have my picture. Let it go....

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Moving along...

We've been so busy I haven't updated too much...and really haven't taken many good pictures....But things are moving right along and we've managed to be a little productive too!

Ikea is where the adventures of "big sisters" room begins and "little brother's" room ( or space as one might call it) starts to take shape.

We had a special Veteran's Day assembly at our school. It was so nice to see the real heros getting some honor.

We had  our very own Veteran!

During some of our clean out, move around part 1 we found my veil in the hope chest. Tinley wants me to please save it for her...she is sure she will want to use it when she gets married. Hopefully she won't be married in mismatched pjs but you never know.

Baby Braylon's Mickey b-day party.

Never too old to play in a cardboard box.

I'm pretty sure that's Tinley that he's shut into the corner of the box for hiding.

We've seen a couple of good (kid) movies lately. This one Big Hero 6 was not what I thought, but had a sweet story. I really enjoyed seeing Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Love the book and really love this movie. Everyone should see it...and laugh...and think of it on those days when things are not going quite the way we planned.

Operation Christmas child time is here! The kids had so much fun picking out stuff for their shoe boxes.

This year they even wrote a message in their boxes.

Tinley was the helper at school this week so she got to bring Freddy on all her adventures and then she will share them with her class. He enjoyed going to dance class!

Freddy really got the royal treatment along with Alice- the (fake but loved) "American Girl" Doll. Booya and Tinley had a date to check out the new American Girl Store and bistro. I think Tinley was a pretty happy girl, Alice was a happy doll (thankfully they fixed her hair!) and Freddy was a lucky frog. Booya had her hands full!

Freddy ended up the weekend going to Cassie's birthday and visiting church with Booya and Grandaddy. Not sure if Freddy knew what he was getting into with the Bullis family...maybe he will get some down time on his next family adventure 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Farewell's been fun!

It was fun for Tinley to start off her week with a book character parade...and gave her another reason to dress up this week. Pinkalicious has always been one of her and crowns and wings-why not?

Here she is with her friend who was Mr. Ripley.

And of course the real thing everyone had been waiting for...time to go trick or treating. 

It's really hard to get  good pictures with empty buckets waiting to be filled. 

We were glad to have a little Stormtrooper and Minnie Mouse to come along with us!

And when you're done getting candy, you can help give it out.

Partying with the 80's rock band and having some s' favorite treat:)

Grandma and Grandpa came along with us. So fun!

It was nice that Halloween was on a Friday so we could lightsaber battle and play for more hours to come.

Parker took a little road trip to go to some birthday parties and we had some fun jumping around while he was gone (well some of us had to just take pictures;)

Fun for kids and big kids...

Today at church we had some special Homecoming singing...and ringing.

Parker's standard hand in pocket pose...Just get it over with please:)

Tinley's first time singing with the Kids Praise. Just maybe she can carry a tune better than the rest of us in this house.

My boy:) A beautiful...but cold day. Gonna enjoy this extra hour!

Monday, October 27, 2014

A girly kind of weekend:)

Tinley and I headed off for some "girl time" as she would say while Dad and Parker stayed home for their "boy time." We always miss our guys but enjoyed some fun time with friends.     There was talking. giggling. playing. shopping. dancing. You know that kind of good stuff!

Tinley started off her weekend with face paint and a very kind Booya who let her express her artistic creativity...they had a new "after face paint" glow for several hours to come.

Using Booyas curlers...and getting the princess treatment.

On Saturday we met up to watch a cute little soccer player (how did I miss that pic??) and then some play time at the park.  Going for a stroll..

A baby holding a baby holding a baby (well that's what I see anyways)

Love this face she is making...Enjoying her bubbles and watching the big girls!

Who needs text messaging? We'll just talk to each other across this bench.

Hard to get everyone to look but enjoying this beautiful fall day.

Can't beat a great place with great ladies.

Lots of Blue Ribbon pictures in our past. First time with both our girls!

 I'd say they fit right in:)

Some fun shopping with good sales...cute clothes...but best of all fabulous friends.

Loved all our time with our little girls and the cherry on top was getting some quality talking time with these special friends.  Always sad to part ways, but have an extra happy in my heart after being together. So blessed.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

October-ish Stuff

Fall festivals, games, pumpkins, corn mazes, 
costumes,hay rides...
gotta love 
this October-ish stuff!