Sunday, March 22, 2015

Adventures of Camden (and the rest of us too!)

Since Camden has been with me all day everyday...I see I have lots of pictures of him...I'm reversing the trend of less pictures per child- thanks to iPhone cameras instead of actually printing pictures out way back in the day!! So here are some of our adventures... with lots of pictures of Camden! Sadly I won't be with him all day everyday starting tomorrow, but I'm sure I'll still get plenty of pictures along the way.

Camden at dance...with all the dance Moms;)

Everybody take a picture around Camden!

This big brother and sister love their baby brother...although he momentarily disturbs them when he's crying especially in the car.

We did get a little bit of girl time on my b-day.

Nice days outside!

Some cousin time!

More Camden sleeping pics!

St. Patty's spirit and Camden laying out in the sun.

Is it a smile?

Camden at handbells...and his favorite place in the baby bjorn snuggled right up. Rarely wakes up even with the bells in his ears.

Trike a thon for Tinley...

And Mommy and Camden giving a little push to get started!

Grandpa came to visit and we went to the mall.

 Pool time...warming up for summer!

Busy Daddy eating and trying not to drop food on Camden.

A few snapshots of a busy week!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mixed Feeling March:)

I have mixed feelings about this I do love the beginning of Spring, St. Patrick's Day (and if I admit it I still love my birthday month even though I'm grownup)....but this March means my newest baby isn't brand new, I'm going back to work, my baby girl is almost 5 and Parker will be a 4th grader before long...What's a girl to do?  I guess we'll keep celebrating firsts, lasts and in-between!

One month serious pose... (a first)

Donuts for Dad (a last time at preschool)

Chopping off her hair to her shoulders (first!)

Basketball Awards Celebration (first)

Tinley wanted  a ball too so Parker finally shared his little one (the story of our lives)

Guitar Concert (First)

Getting Ready for t-ball and baseball (first for Tinley- in-between for Parker)

We don't know how she'll play, but she will look the part with her pink cleats and bat bag:)

 Not the first or the last picture of this boy!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Snow, Celebrating...and Snuggling

 Before anything else...a few more pictures just for fun!

 Lots of cold days make for lots of snuggling!

Made the best of our snow..and finally got snowball/snowman snow!

 A snow girl!
 Snow fight!

Trying to figure big sister out!

When the weather was better, finally took a field trip to school. Had to change a diaper on the tutor room table...shhh! Don't tell.

 Had a big weekend of celebrating... First Papa and Grandma's 70th anniversary!

 Booya's Birthday...where she let all the kids blow out her candles more than once. She's so good at sharing.

 Enjoying a "normal" week and celebrating Dr. Seuss. Even got some sunshine yesterday. Bring it on March!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Here a baby...there a baby...

We don't like to waste anytime celebrating more babies to come...Camden will get to have a cousin younger than he is by the time August rolls around!

We had a good time going to our first ever gender reveal. It did not disappoint! It's a girl for Matthew and Meagan!

Most of us girls wore our pink believing a girl was in the future...Camden wore blue but that was mostly because we didn't think we should put a newborn baby in pink and expect people to know he was a boy.

Tinley tried to play it both ways...wearing blue with a pink monogram...clever.

 Camden got in some great visiting as well...his excitement comes out in his sleep:)

 What a fun party!

 The girls say peace out...We love our cousins and can't wait to add Little Miss Lanning in the mix.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Look Who's Here...

Arriving on February 5th around 7:20 pm, little Camden Bullis came into the world weighing 7 lbs. 3 oz and stretching 20 inches long.  He is absolutely perfect. There were lots of moments during the day leading up to this moment that may have been less than perfect, but it doesn't really matter now that he's here... Cute baby faces make you forget a lot!

 Backing it up to some random other pictures...Tinley and I got our nails done so we'd be ready. Blue of course!

I was less than Princess looking but a crown doesn't hurt right?
 Little Brother is here!

Big brother in bed with Mama and little brother. We were all pretty tired.

Baby boy sleeping on his first night. Mama couldn't sleep because she wanted to look at him.

 Time to bust out of the hospital!

Big Sis came to visit the next day and was much more warmed up now that he was all cleaned up! She was such a big help!

 First quick trip to Target. Don't think he moved or opened his eyes. All of my babies first trip out was to Target so didn't want to break tradition.

 Sweet girl ready for Valentines!

Content Little Fella!

 We love to snuggle!

 My 3 little miracles are amazing!

 First bath!