Saturday, July 19, 2014

The weeks are flying by. Here's the best recap I can manage of the last couple of weeks.

Annual chick-fil-a cow day....We are pros!

Parker went to basketball camp, and inspired Tinley to wear her cheerleading outfit.

 He learned so much!

Obligatory birkdale fountain photos.

Lake trip number one...

 Carolina Beach trip...

A few more weeks of summer fun to come!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happy 4th (and 5th and 6th)!

So many summer days are not complete with out ice cream... and it's hard to deny when it's everywhere and so is the ice-cream truck!

 Fourth of July Bike Parade

 A rare family photo!

All American dinner at Five Guys...

All these kids in a a few years this could be scary.

My girl helping me make...

my perfect smore- not too burnt...just mushy enough to melt the chocolate.

A great spot for the fireworks in Charlotte.

And finished our weekend with some fun swimming!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Latest adventures...

After the beach vacation, we spent a few days in Graham...and then Parker decided to stay a few more. Nothing like getting some grandparents and cousins to yourself.

Before we left town, the kids found "the mice" around Graham (again). If you live there and have never done that- it seems to be really fun for kids (or at least mine:).

I bet all my Graham friends know where this little mouse is:)

We've also been embarking on  new "geocaching" adventures. We even found this prayer garden as a nice treat on the way to the find.

 It really feels like treasure hunting (and it's free!)

We also wanted to spend some time at the Whitewater center this summer so we met Matthew and Meagan there for a River Jam concert.

There was a lot of rock climbing...

And river watching...

Some relaxing...

 And a lot of dogs...including this guy.

How many times have my children asked for a dog since then? Too many.

Two swingers. Although Parker and Tinley have quite an age gap, this is one thing they seemed to gain independence on at the same time. One late bloomer and one early bird on this skill... Does this mean no more pushing??

We weren't home long before heading to Atlanta...Butterbean had a conference and this was a great chance for a little trip.

Nothing quite like a hotel for fun.

We couldn't be in Atlanta without seeing some of our favorite Atlanta people. A lot of love between these girls. 

Drew was super excited to head to his first Braves game with Grandaddy.

We were super excited to order room service and have a girl party sleepover!

We enjoyed our trip to the Coke Factory. This guy invented the original coke formula. It's one of our favorite drinks. Maybe I will blame him for those extra calories I crave.

This Polar Bear looked freakishly alive in person...its eyes blinked and everything. 

Tasting room!

The vault...the secret coke formula is locked away!

Drew tasted every single coke product and they were not all delicious.

The Olympic fountain provided a little cool off.

Sometimes you need to just jump in.

We went to CNN after this but not many pictures allowed there. The many tall escalators provided some breaks to all that walking. 

Enjoying some art work with friends.

Preparing for cow day. Better start gathering your tails and spots- only a week away.