Monday, September 21, 2015



So September has flown by pretty quickly in a blur of early mornings, happy Fridays, visits with our people, and Mondays coming too soon. I think we're about to get a handle on it though. maybe. ask me in the morning.

 Having fun and trying to be cool...or excited about a two for one deal.
Little lady Kaylee Grace visiting and matching with Tinley!


 A Brandon pancake and a happy girl!

Shopping and more matchy matchy! 

 Parker after his awesome guitar playing!

My boys both looking older than they should.

Table for two

Camden wearing shoes...a new adventure since he tries to eat them.
 Panther fun

Meagan has her hands full....a girl with her bow and a boy with his snack...sounds about right.

 Babies watching football with their Daddys...wonder what they're thinking.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

School Days (just add Tinley)

So the blog and I have been in a little bit of an argument but we're trying to work things out. I did this very same post last week and then it disappeared...but I'm giving it another try! There has been a shortage of blogging, but there has not been a shortage of stuff going on.

As usual Parker and I headed back to school half asleep and a little bit of a mess but we made it none the less! Then a few days later came time to add Tinley. She prepared with her book bag packed and her nails done!

For some reason years ago, all the Kindergarteners wore this Ready Set Go t-shirt and we happened to get some leftovers. I guess I'm going to have to keep one around for Camden's night before Kindergarten!

Parker has been pretty happy to have his sister join us on our school journey and she's trying to keep us both together!

Watch out Class of 2028. You've got a spunky one.

 We're so lucky to have Ms. Ogden again! I already have a "Ms. Ogden says".... happening around here!

This is how we all feel at the end of the day but she makes it look much cuter than I can.

Can't forget little bro! We sure do miss him all day.

Friday Spirit day and Dance party

Loving getting to visit our newest family member.  A rare moment of two sleeping babies.

Parker getting some dog and baby love!

This guy is growing way too fast. Here he's looking up at his Daddy. Still haven't figured out how to freeze moments in time. I'm one lucky mama.

Monday, August 17, 2015

And we're back!

Whew! It has been a busy month! I've gotten way behind and since I know I'll never actually catch up if I try to go in to detail...I'm going to see if I can share some of the highlights (or just cute pictures) from lately. 

Moving Day...Thank goodness we had lots of help. Apparently you can accumulate quite a bit over 10 years and moving 5 people instead of 2.

Everyone worked really hard and although we have a long way to go...we are a functioning household. Maybe I'll share real pictures once there's no boxes in them.

Parker and Tinley went on vacation with Ganny and Grandaddy and had a great time.

Meanwhile we stayed at home to celebrate 6 months with our little man.

Since he is half a year old, he enjoyed some yummy carrots for his half birthday.

We made our way out to the Fan Fest for Carolina Panthers...and although our experience kind of failed, we're still fans and some of us looked year we'll know what we're getting into.

Shared a special birthday with a special friend getting her first American Girl doll and Isabelle got a new do.

Another birthday party for our friend Lilly at Claire's.

Most exciting news... we got a new niece (and cousin). Matthew and Meagan welcomed Avery Blair and she is just perfect.

Just love this picture...and also it makes me feel old;)

Got to get in some visits with friends before the summer ended!

Parker's birthday party celebration! 9 years old!

Lake Lure and fun girl time!

 We carried watermelons!

Cousins are definitely your first best friends...we love all of ours!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Beach...Carolina Style

We always enjoy all our favorites at Carolina Beach...some things never get old.

Like the beach...

And Britts donuts...yum!

Puzzles with Booya (well not my favorite...but some people like it)

Party Boat- first time for the kids

 The aquarium

Seeing some of our favorite nearby locals

Who needs the aquarium  when you find a jellyfish for examining?

Sporting their new bands..

 Boardwalk fun!

Be back soon Carolina Beach!