Sunday, February 22, 2015

Here a baby...there a baby...

We don't like to waste anytime celebrating more babies to come...Camden will get to have a cousin younger than he is by the time August rolls around!

We had a good time going to our first ever gender reveal. It did not disappoint! It's a girl for Matthew and Meagan!

Most of us girls wore our pink believing a girl was in the future...Camden wore blue but that was mostly because we didn't think we should put a newborn baby in pink and expect people to know he was a boy.

Tinley tried to play it both ways...wearing blue with a pink monogram...clever.

 Camden got in some great visiting as well...his excitement comes out in his sleep:)

 What a fun party!

 The girls say peace out...We love our cousins and can't wait to add Little Miss Lanning in the mix.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Look Who's Here...

Arriving on February 5th around 7:20 pm, little Camden Bullis came into the world weighing 7 lbs. 3 oz and stretching 20 inches long.  He is absolutely perfect. There were lots of moments during the day leading up to this moment that may have been less than perfect, but it doesn't really matter now that he's here... Cute baby faces make you forget a lot!

 Backing it up to some random other pictures...Tinley and I got our nails done so we'd be ready. Blue of course!

I was less than Princess looking but a crown doesn't hurt right?
 Little Brother is here!

Big brother in bed with Mama and little brother. We were all pretty tired.

Baby boy sleeping on his first night. Mama couldn't sleep because she wanted to look at him.

 Time to bust out of the hospital!

Big Sis came to visit the next day and was much more warmed up now that he was all cleaned up! She was such a big help!

 First quick trip to Target. Don't think he moved or opened his eyes. All of my babies first trip out was to Target so didn't want to break tradition.

 Sweet girl ready for Valentines!

Content Little Fella!

 We love to snuggle!

 My 3 little miracles are amazing!

 First bath!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Lately...not a lot of time for blogging but here are some things that I don't want to go into space with out ever being documented. 

Mustache bash from Brandon's work. So cute.

Can you find Brandon...or some other slightly more famous people?

Button day for Tinley...Lucky she has a Booya with bundles of buttons just waiting to be crafted.

 Parker's tough look for the Hornets game.

Parker has started guitar lessons. A rockstar in the making or as he says he's just going to play at weddings. Either way he's learning.'s definitely a new experience for Parker to try to be aggressive....we had to tell him it's not against the rules to take the ball:)


 Learning more every week!

More Celebrating for baby Camden...look at that belly!!

Someone has already asked Tinley to be their Valentine. I think it's gonna work out. So far they mostly hang out at school and church.

Baby's got a space...lots of organizing going on around here thanks to some great help!! We did move the pink pillow back to Tinley's room. We've had to de-pink some of our baby stuff since we were soooo pink before.Good news because he'll be here within the week- yay!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bad days gone good...

What to say about our recent weeks....hmmm. Although we have had some "unplanned" experiences, it is always these times that we see just how loved and cared for we really are but our friends and family. Recently the kids thought they had a "bad" day...and by all means in their world, it was kind of bad. We were reminding them that all days aren't perfect, but that even our worst days are probably better than what a lot of people are experiencing...Sometimes talking to your kids is a lesson to yourself right? God is good that way- giving us these kids so we can teach them the lessons we need to teach ourselves.

This is me enjoying a great red gatorade while having tests at the hospital. It could have seemed like a kind of bad day...

This is the guy that deals with the rest of our world and hangs out with me in this most uncomfortable place. But he still looks kind of cute don't you think?

These are some awesome people who celebrated FOR me and baby Camden in my absence. 

This is me...loving being at home and having a fun time looking at sweet baby things!

Doesn't really seem like I have too much to complain about now does it?

Here are some other random pictures on my phone. I haven't taken as many as I like lately...Gonna have to get my phone ready!

Crazy eyed Tinley wanting me to take this picture.

Baby's got hair...sticking up. Pretty exciting.

Little sister at basketball practice.

 Parker's new basketball adventures with his fan, Tinley.

Have a great week!

Monday, January 5, 2015

2015- 5 days in and lessons learned

Here are some of the things we've learned (and done) in our few days since the New Year has started. Worthy life lessons.

Your true friends will treat you like a princess and share their princess clothes with you. (They will even smile with you amidst your wardrobe malfunctions.)

You should always look in the mirror when applying lipstick. Although you should never be afraid to wear pink...there is such a thing as "too much."

Sometimes things do not go as planned. Even on New Years Eve.

But it's'll get over the hump;)

If you're surrounded by people you love, where else do you really want to be?

Celebrating at a Mexican restaurant can never go wrong. Chips and Salsa. People you love. Baby presents= lots of fun!

Girl time is a must in life no matter the age. 

Sometimes when things are imperfect, they create a more memorable experience.

If you cheer hard enough, your team really can win. Light sabers optional.

We should never ever cease to be amazed at God's creation.

2015 is looking to be a year full of life lessons. Hope yours is great!