Friday, July 24, 2015

Beach...Carolina Style

We always enjoy all our favorites at Carolina Beach...some things never get old.

Like the beach...

And Britts donuts...yum!

Puzzles with Booya (well not my favorite...but some people like it)

Party Boat- first time for the kids

 The aquarium

Seeing some of our favorite nearby locals

Who needs the aquarium  when you find a jellyfish for examining?

Sporting their new bands..

 Boardwalk fun!

Be back soon Carolina Beach!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


No summer is complete without at least one trip to Carowinds...(aka- the hottest place on Earth)

Love the NC/SC line- and yes I made everyone pose.

Since it is soooo hot, we opted for water first...

All the water was really fabulous until we had a near storm scare- but after the scary black cloud (per Parker) passed by...we managed to find dry (and cooler) land.

Exciting times as Tinley ventured onto her first roller coaster.

And survived!

Another day of water adventures and a random groupon.

 A free slurpy at 7 eleven on 7-11

We've been enjoying VBA...with a colder theme like Everest, we've had to really use our imagination and dig out some winterish wear.

Camden came along for some fun too!

And of course, we celebrated Cow Appreciation at chick fil a...I know our little chicken mini is excited we didn't leave him out.

And in other news... we're moving (or in light of this picture, I should say mooooooving)...A busy exciting time for us as we move beyond this house of many memories and into a new place where Camden can have a room with a door!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

"Home" Days

It's nice to have some time at home during the summer...although we don't actually spend a lot of time at our actual house during the time we're at home, it's nice to do some things around here.

Especially sleeping late...well some of us sleeping late but some of us getting up early and going back to sleep.

Play dates with our friends

Always a summer visit to the chuck e cheese

Camden probably wondering what he's doing now!

A date with my fellas to see Inside Out- very good:)

4th of July parade-
Here's everyone in the bike parade...
Some people slept and some people biked.

Rising Star...

Sometimes we get so tired, we fall asleep eating.

 Water balloons in the rain.

Happy 5 months...but a very tired boy so not much excitement.

Lots of pool time!

 More time with friends!

 Beauty and the Beast