Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Summer- Are we there.....yet?

Summer is right around the corner...but having done this Memorial Day through the last day of school stretch, I know it can seem awfully slow...especially when you get a good taste of beach life just enough to tease.

Camden seemed to enjoy beach life or sleep right through a lot of it- so either way it worked out.

When did these boys start "laying out" I think maybe it was more of a midmorning nap?

Sand castles!

A little girl and her tall tall kite. Such a beautiful sight on the beach.

So is this.

Fun dip and a bikini from Aunt Tammy...now there's a good time!

More beach sleep...

But if you're worried about his sun protection, this is what he looked like most of the time!

Fun with the selfie stick!

Daddy burnt his feet and used the sand as his protection.

Silly silly swimming boys!

Finally awake after a blowout diaper!

We all scream for ice cream!

 Memorial Day always makes us feel patriotic and thankful.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The blink of an eye..

Wow....we have had so many life events in the month of May, I can hardly keep up myself. I truly understand the blink of an eye!! Was trying to combine way too much in this post so I picked my top eight (well not technically eight photos but eight "moments in time") I also realized some really "interesting" things had happened this month. Makes me laugh to look at these pictures and wonder what someone would think if they weren't captioned. Anyways...

1- Getting Flocked- was fabulous and fun!

2- Tinley painted a horse at a birthday party...just sayin... how do I not include that (see what I mean about "interesting.")

3- Camden learns to talk...well not really but he sure does try! See below...he makes you want to talk to him too.

4- Mother's Day with the boys...

 and the girl!

5- Happy Anniversary- 11 years!!

We got each other the same exact card. We really are predictable I guess!

6- Grandaddy's Birthday

7- Wow! I had a great time seeing some of my best friends and their kiddos! Awesome to see how we've grown!

8- Preschool Graduation...So proud of our girl!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

3 months with 3 kids- Lessons Learned

It has been a jam packed three months with three kids. Hard to believe the first month was full of snow days and now we're on the homestretch until summer (PRAISES!) There have been many things we've learned or relearned along the way. If I were going to give myself advice, this is what it would be. In no particular order.

1)  We will most likely be 7-10 minutes late to everything. Even with laying out things the night before or trying to think of those last minute things...there will be new last minute things. It's probably going to happen..go ahead and tell people you'll be 10 minutes late.

2)   Accept help ...from your family, from your friends, from the friendly chick fil a workers and nice people in the grocery store. Make the statement "Yes, I'd love you to___" a part of your vocabulary.

3) Forgiveness. Ask for it.. (See number 1 being late as one reason you'll need it)  from each other, from the people you inconvenience, etc. Give it. We (in our house) might need a little extra grace towards each other. Give it out abundantly!

4) Celebrate even small victories...Every one's fed (do a cheer!) We made it to school and work (oh yeah!) Every one's in agreement about where to go eat (alright!) And of course the firsts- baby first, big bro and sis firsts... all a reason to celebrate.

5) Enjoy...it truly is all a stage and it is too fast and too sweet to miss! So thankful for this crazy wonderful time in our lives.

Here are some of our most recent celebrations!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Busy little Bullis'

Finally it was time for Beginner's Night for Tinley! She has been excited to come to school with me for a while (not sure it will be as exciting once she does it everyday next year.) She was ready to go!

And she tooty tad with the best of them. It was fun to do our first together activity in Kindergarten.

Every once in a while they have a moment where they want to do the exact same thing at the exact same moment...Parker reading Tinley The Giving Tree.

Forgot the stroller and the baby bjorn...we thought he looked pretty funny in there.

Parker's project set up. His book report...

 And his dream house he designed. Complete with laser tag and video game room.

His best buds.

Bowling time...

He's still growing!

Monday, April 20, 2015


Parker was excited to win some tickets from the Great Clips raffle to the Knights game and get a chance to announce "play ball" before the game. He did a great job and will probably continue to enter every raffle he sees.

 Saturday was the only game all season that Tinley and Parker had at exactly the same time...more pics of Parker to come as I was on Tinley duty since I'm of no help with the big boys. She was a muddy mess but had a great time, managed to field a few balls and kept her helmet on her head while she ran...they just don't make these things "Tinley sized."

After a quick change in the car, we headed to church for our Women's Brunch. It is always so nice to be with the other awesome ladies (and girls) with some special worship and devotion.

 We snuck Camden in and no on seemed to mind. He's kind of popular with the ladies.


See what I mean?

A busy day for Tinley....right into a birthday party. I loved this picture of her playing ski ball...It was one of my favorite games as a little girl and she was having so much fun.

 Parker and I were supposed to have a mother/son event from school but we got rained out. Instead we went to the family fun day at the Mint Museum. Always have a good time on my dates with him.

My silly boy!

Our baby just keeps getting bigger and so do his smiles...It's hard to catch them on camera but here's a close one.