Monday, September 8, 2014

School Days

School days have started (for some of us at least). We've had an unusual start of without me going...but I'm very proud of how these two have handled their first days.  They've conquered the first days of having to get up and get going and even a little homework. Now to make it about 170 more...

Can't believe the little boy look is gone... a big 3rd grade year for a growing guy.

Last year of preschool for this girl. It's hard to ever call her big but her book bag no longer looks like it's  going to make her fall over and she has some confidence about this school thing!

Have fun!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

8 is GREAT!

All less than 24 hours of it that is. But so far 8's been really great for Parker!  Of course when you've been doing all these things that 8 year olds (particularly 8 year old boys) like to do, it's hard to go wrong!


 Winning tickets!

Bumper Cars!

This group ready to take on Laser Tag!

So maybe it's not just 8 year old boys it's fun for;)

What is this cake you ask?... A Pokemon ball. Not especially interesting to most but exactly what Parker wanted.

Serious Pokemon card trading...

 A good time had by all!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Cruising to the end of summer...

We just got back from our cruise to the Bahamas... We had a great time together!  And if it has to be close to the end of summer (my summer that is) it was a great way to squeeze out every bit of sunshine, sand, and ocean (lots and lots of ocean).

Here we are leaving Charleston and taking the first of many selfies. We aren't really used to taking pictures of ourselves and rarely make it in a photo when are kids are around so it was a new hobby for us.

On the beach in Freeport...although it looks like rain behind us- it never came and the sunshine came through nice and strong!

What can I say? White sand and tan feet make me happy.

 Guess where we took this?

 A little kayaking in some of that beautiful water.

A picture of our home for the week in the background from Nassau.

Apparently it's Christmas all year long in Nassau. One little Santa still hanging out here waiting for his big day to roll back around.

Brandon enjoying the water in Nassau...I'm gonna guess he'll wish his self back here on Monday morning.

Enjoyed seeing God's beautiful creation from this view. Wow.

We had a great trip but we were ready to see these kiddos. I think they might have been having too much fun to miss us- Myrtle Beach and your is good!

And of course while your parents are gone, you gotta get your first (airbrushed) tattoo.

The Lazy River is looking more fun than lazy here.

The last bit of beach life before school starts!

Thanks to Ganny and Grandaddy for a great week for all of us. We are so thankful for these memories!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Staying busy!

Weird animal fun! We had a great time being weird and wacky at this years VBA.

Tinley loves learning the new songs!

 Parker and his "zoo crew"

Parker and Tinley trying out Booya's glasses..

A fun trip to the Concord Mills aquarium with Grandpa and Grandma

 Back to the lake for some relaxing...

 and fun!

And some "summer cleaning" with the help of Booya.  After many trips to the trash, Goodwill, and Consignment stores we cleaned out many rooms in our house and even found a place for all of Tinley's shoes and clothes so we could see her floor;)

Thank you Booya- Parker enjoyed his sleepovers and we appreciated the help!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The weeks are flying by. Here's the best recap I can manage of the last couple of weeks.

Annual chick-fil-a cow day....We are pros!

Parker went to basketball camp, and inspired Tinley to wear her cheerleading outfit.

 He learned so much!

Obligatory birkdale fountain photos.

Lake trip number one...

 Carolina Beach trip...

A few more weeks of summer fun to come!