Sunday, October 19, 2014

October-ish Stuff

Fall festivals, games, pumpkins, corn mazes, 
costumes,hay rides...
gotta love 
this October-ish stuff!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Friday-Sunday= Fundays

Enjoyed a full fun weekend!

Grandaddy and Tinley ready for action!

Looking for a big pumpkin for Booya and Grandaddy

 A variety of pumpkin styles chosen...

 All our little pumpkins:)

Ganny and Grandaddy did a great job with "Ride for a Cure"

Tinley and Parker aren't old enough for motorcycles yet (or maybe ever if their mama gets a say;)

 But they enjoyed trying their biker poses out.

Finished out the weekend with a fun bridal shower and some of my favorite teachers. We love to celebrate!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Erin, does your garden grow?

With beach and friends and prayers so sweet...
God gave me rest for my weary feet (and soul- but that doesn't rhyme).

It was a great blessing to get away with a group of women at my church this past weekend...themed "Garden Getaway."
As God always knows what we need, this centered around the seasons of our life and how to see the beauty and purpose in all of them.

And bonus thankfulness for...

Sleepover time with friends

 Good views all around

Lots of fun with this group...and an attempt at a large group selfie?

It was a great blessing and opportunity to be thankful and reflect on my season of life:)

Speaking of great opportunities, I want to let everyone know about a chance to support the Ronald McDonald house and our good friends. You may remember that several months ago our little buddy Christopher was so sick that it required an extended stay in the hospital. His family was so grateful for how the Ronald McDonald house helped them through this time. This is one of those things that you don't know how much you need until you are already in a difficult situation. They decided they wanted to give back in a big way. They are having a Reverse Raffle along with a Backyard Carnival/dinner. If you live in their area you can get a ticket and stop by for some fun or... if you are long distance you can still purchase a ticket for a chance to win prizes and most importantly to support this cause. Click the link for all details and information!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

For this child I (we) have prayed...

There are many things to say about our journey so far with this baby boy....but mostly we just want to celebrate our many blessings including the one additional little (but so very big) blessing that we can celebrate right now! We are so thankful to God for him, for each other and for our best ever family and friends. I've always believed it takes a village to take care of our children and we certainly do love our village:)

Making his blog baby boy Bullis!

"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb."- Psalm 139:13

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fresh Air Is Good for Your Soul

We enjoyed good company and lots of nice Fall fresh air this weekend. Hopefully we are recharged for another busy week.

We made our way out to Freedom Park for the Cornhole tournament.

The kids took full advantage of all their fun activities and lots of cuddly mascots.

 Our super hula-hooper!

Today we made our way out to the farm to pick apples. We've been seeing lots of apple picking going on from friends and decided it was our turn to join...just before the apple picking turns to pumpkin picking.

Had to explore the corn field first.

Then the serious apple seeking began. Look high..look low.


We left with mission accomplished and heavy bags. If you are hungry for apples, come see us!

Serious apple cider drinking going on before we left.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Un-clog the blog

So I've been a little paused and behind on the blog (and an assortment of other areas in my life;)....So glad some noteworthy pictures and a full fun weekend are helping me unclog my blog procrastination.

The Princess at Chick-fil-A..Make up, face paint, princesses, and chicken nuggets....what more could she want?

Daddy cuddles...always room for everyone.

Dolphin Tale 2...we've been waiting.

Tinley and Braxton and a pajama party.

Dance Days...Tinley always wants the brightest craziest tights in the class.  So far it's working out.

Fun in Atlanta with our friends. Although we've been to Lego  Discovery Center a couple of times, this time they had the most fun with their buddies.

Lego Girls

The Green Ninja (has been in our lives since it's first debut). Oh green ninja, we have spent so much money on legos because of you. Parker was thrilled at the new Ninjago laser maze.

The little cheerleader.

 This face...need say no more.

Serious and silly pizza making. 

Just hand over the cupcakes....Never too much celebrating.

The Snuggle Bunnies

These boys enjoyed lego building, ninja-ing, and being pretty silly.

Life is better if someones holding your hand...especially if they are this cute!

These fun weekends do fly by...but they sure are sweet!