Tuesday, June 30, 2015

July Eve...

How did the last day of June get here so fast? We've started our summer with lots of fun!

Right after school was out we made it to the Kids Bop concert (and got to see our buddies in Greensboro too!) A great day!

Happy Father's Day!  We were already at the beach so you can't get much better than that!

The Beach Life..

The crafters...

The minecrafters...

The Butterbean with the smallest butterbean... having a hard earned rest after some bouncing.

Ice cream shower for Meagan (pickles optional)

Can't wait to add our newest girl!

One of the daily hour long baths.

Mom and Dad to be looking good!

Well we're all in the pic...thats about the best we could do. My baby is sucking my thumb and the kids are squinting...but here we are.

Happy Parker

The lemonade sales...don't you wish you were beside us on the beach?

Posing on the beach...

Princess triplets...

Manis and pedis on the beach- no problem!

Every year at the beach, we see at least one miracle when all children cooperate (sort of) for a group pic. Happy beach week! 

 Got back just in time for Camden's baptism... He said his prayers in the morning.

Tinley in charge of the toes, mama in charge of the bouncing...Brandon and Parker...totally twinning.

Camden wasn't too sure about the actual going to someone else and getting water on his head,  but I know he'll thank us later. 

 So blessed with lots of love!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Have you heard? School is Almost Out!

So...I  have lots to say but lots to do...so here are some of my favorites recently. 

For some reason it struck me funny that both the kids were catchers at some point in the same week. Not sure how much actual "catching" went on, but they were cute to their mama.

She got the game ball!

Camp day with friends!

After camp day- haha!

4 Months and MOVING!

Loved Parker in his pjs, fedora, and with a book. He often reminds me of an old man...a sweet cute old man.

Had so much fun being twins with my girl. Taking every bit advantage of it while she still thinks I'm great!

Trophy Day!

I took Parker shopping to pick out his guitar concert outfit.  This is what he wanted. Rockstar in the making.

Camden was very interested in all the music. We were interested in not interrupting the performance..so we worked together on that one.

Go Parker go!

 Loves his big sis!

And his big bro...Showing off how they put their fists in their mouth...whatever it takes to bond I guess.

First time at the Cedarfield pool where we spend lots of our swimming days.

Don't grow up Camden! We like you this size!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Summer- Are we there.....yet?

Summer is right around the corner...but having done this Memorial Day through the last day of school stretch, I know it can seem awfully slow...especially when you get a good taste of beach life just enough to tease.

Camden seemed to enjoy beach life or sleep right through a lot of it- so either way it worked out.

When did these boys start "laying out" I think maybe it was more of a midmorning nap?

Sand castles!

A little girl and her tall tall kite. Such a beautiful sight on the beach.

So is this.

Fun dip and a bikini from Aunt Tammy...now there's a good time!

More beach sleep...

But if you're worried about his sun protection, this is what he looked like most of the time!

Fun with the selfie stick!

Daddy burnt his feet and used the sand as his protection.

Silly silly swimming boys!

Finally awake after a blowout diaper!

We all scream for ice cream!

 Memorial Day always makes us feel patriotic and thankful.